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She's there on the dance floor...

She’s there on the dance floor… this “case” won an Honorable Mention in a local Fine Arts show back around 2007(?). The Curiosity Cabinet label: “The Euphorbian Excursion 1879”.  The small object boxes are made of wood, constructed from doll house chests of drawers and small cabinets, covered with plastic cut from discarded salad containers. The vials with red/white labels contain actual volcanic ash samples purchased from a volcanologist’s estate sale.

Artist Statement

valerie macewan plaster headsValerie MacEwan’s assemblage art creates unique challenges to the visual visitor. Seen from all angles, the intent often becomes more available but without some sort of explanation, the Work renders wisps of “oooh” and smarts of “ahhhh”. Untrained eyes will quickly tire as the human’s twin orbs find it difficult to sustain a comprehensive dialog, confusion reigns supreme as the thoughts rain down upon you. Really?

The interpretive challenges seem raw when her work requires reduction to digital print form. Her three-dimensional dialectic requires special attention as shadow and light plays a significant part in rendering of the print. The small photo to the left will soon become the MacEwan Logo. Return to this spot to cogitate upon its splendor as work continues on its delivery.

She went from the USO dance to the bridge and jitterbugged her way to Cleveland.

She went from the USO dance to the bridge and jitterbugged her way to Cleveland.

MacEwan’s ability to quantify and transfer images and text into definable displays makes her a uniquely qualified partner in this Banner Production business. Trust in her talent — she can make you look good! Let her help you design a great banner.


Artistically speaking, this Ms. MacEwan began her career as a copy writer in 1962 at Echols School in Fort Smith, Arkansas before the age of 10. She advanced, rapidly, to staff on her high school newspaper, The Grizzly, in 1971 at the tender age of not-very-old. The signifier –>STAFF<– should alert the reader as to the insignificant tawdry role played by the then-Heinold in reporting the whereabouts and/or comings and goings of notable academic notables.

Serious journalism was put to the test when MacEwan began her studies in Fayetteville, AR at the University of Arkansas at the tender age of not-even-old-enough to vote. A Political Science major, declared early, declared in the Third Grade, for crissakes, at the age of seven, 1961-no-shit, MacEwan then-Heinold told all within the sound of her voice that She Would Be The First Woman Senator From Arkansas.

See, here’s what happened — Her father took the family on their annual summer vacation one year — this time to visit Washington DC and the Smithsonian and all that …

Fishing for Nixon

Fishing for Nixon by Valerie MacEwan “It seems you’ve won first prize .”

and to Senator McClellan’s office so as to shake hands, sit in his chair at his desk, and go to the Senate Chambers were little was happening as it was the summer break and no politician in their right mind was still in town but the Senator was there, by God, and he shook everyone’s hands. He let John sit at his desk but not MacEwan then-Heinold because she was a GIRL. Sexist turd. He knew Mr. Heinold as Bob, knew Bob had testified at the Senate sub-committee hearings on Labor, and the NLRB knew Bob, and even then, in 1961 at the age of seven, SHE KNEW her father was THE MAN.

More of The Truth: As then-Heinold, she attended the Republican National Convention in Miami, FL during August 1972 as a page. The Republican strategists did not allow her to be a chapter, a sub-heading, or an Index. Staying in the Lido Hotel, a paltry mess of a tiny dirty hotel where holidays were spent by those requiring cheap seats in everyone, even their sleeping quarters while on vacation in Miami in the 50s and 60s but it was on the ocean with sand, beach, and even a lousy pool. MacEwan, then-Heinold, drank to

valerie macewan

This won a prize. A second place … ribbons in the studio somewhere. America and Guns …

excess, tried weed for the second time ever, alongside various and sundry members of her local high schools (Dana Lockhart, Davis Woods, Harris Cutting, wow, names names names … that ‘beautiful Craven’s boy’ as my parents called him, Joel Werner’s older brother, oh yea, his name was Max, and more folks … Seriously, how funny is it to be 60 years old and write about college-age bacchanalia because one could go on here about Dana being jealous, someone said much later on in the decade, because it was perceived that then-Heinold was sleeping with, having SEX with, Davis Woods and she wanted him for her own and how could SHE?!! I mean!! Really!!) And the Convention resulted in such trauma that she blocked all memories of the weeklong ridiculous affair until she began counseling and it was during a therapy session, almost four decades later, when an unsuspecting Veteran’s Administration and Mormon counselor offered her an avenue for self-discovery as she innocently sat as an observer to someone else’s therapy session.

A political science major, her studies commenced over a period of decades, resulting in a graduate fellowship at East Carolina University following her successful pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (and enough hours in Political Science and English to have earned a double-triple-major, would that the institution did so grant such awards.) Academia aside, it became paramount to entertain Mother so the movement into three-dimensional art progressed rapidly after 2005. Well, now that is almost a biography with very little resemblance to geographical reality of the current mode.

This Assemblagist Artist has long since time evaporated the divergent paths, condensed the inequities, and subsequently served as a total collaborator with Mother and the woodland creatures, combining modern methods with ancient tribal wisdom to create limited edition masterworks in miniature and large-scale representational models. Once Mother passed back into the Earth, the Artist began anew with different emphasis and intent. Sadness now became her dialog but Kindness is ever her intent.

valerie macewan plaster heads

A Book Cover, plywood, Plaster of Paris, Frozen Charlotte head (made from my own mold), and routine gesso coating and fabrication methods. Looks so good, it’s gonna’ be my logo.

Award winning. Attention grabbing. Vehicular circuitry in a repetitious mode. Her writing is available on an Internet – wide basis, 24/7, via your device. One could visit PopMatters.com for a rather extensive smorgasbord of her work: Valerie MacEwan <– click on link was the Books Editor and a columnist for the site about a decade ago.

Looking For Little Lindy, A Tragic Altered Book

Looking For Little Lindy, A Tragic Altered Book

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Looking for Little Lindy

Detail of an Altered Book by Valerie MacEwan. This bit of ephemera was inspired by my grandfather, Val Heinold, who saved newspaper clipping from the event. The altered book contained images and text referring to the kidnapping and subsequent death of Little Lindy, Charles and Ann Morrow Lindbergh’s son.

MacEwan creates assemblages from earth, be it manufactured and reconfigured from the earth, or bits of the real and now earth, dirt and stone, sand and detritus.

Her work can be found at the Marie Samuela Cromer Home Economics Department in Washington, NC. Gallery hours are by arrangement only. Successful collectors have been known to occasionally display her Assemblages at random moments throughout the universe. Those who have been kind to Ms. MacEwan oft times find themselves at the receiving end of a delivery, via US Postal Service, of her Assemblages and Collages.

Try to be kind.